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Internal organization of the Company

Internal organization of the Company as of 1 September 2016 *

I.    Management Board of the Company

  • Management Board of the Company consists of the members of the Management Board - directors of the Company in accordance with the Memorandum of Association.
II.   Management Board Office

III.  IT Services

IV. Internal Audit and Control Services

V.  Natural Gas Sales Department
  • Natural Gas Procurement, Nominations and Analytics Services                                                     
    - Nominations Section
    - Procurement, Analytics, Marketing and Reporting Section
  • Natural Gas Contracting and Sales Services                                             
    - Section for Natural Gas Sales to Companies
    - Section for Natural Gas Sales to Households
VI. Economics Department
  • Services of Consumption and Collection Control and Customer Relations                                         
    - Consumption and Collection Control Section
    - Customer Relations Section
  • Finance, Accounting, Calculations and Invoicing Services                                      
    - Finance Section
    - Accounting Section
    - Calculations and Invoicing Section   
  • Business Planning and Reporting Section
VII. Legal Department
  • Legal Services
    - Legal and Human Resources Section
    - Shared Services Section
  • Business Quality Improvement Section

* Rules on Internal Organization of Gradska plinara Zagreb – Opskrba d.o.o. of 1 September 2016

Full name of the energy company:
Gradska plinara Zagreb - Opskrba d.o.o. za opskrbu plinom
Registered office and address of the energy company:
Radnička cesta 1, 10000 Zagreb
Zagrebačka banka d.d. HR2623600001102024274
Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. HR3623400091110343158
Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d. HR7124020061100662212
Nova hrvatska banka d.d. HR4225030071111000400
Persons authorised for representation:
Jeronim Tomas
  • Director/Member of the Company’s Management Board
  • represents the company independently and individually since 11 November 2021.
Customer Information Centre:
Telephone number: +385 (1) 6184-601
Management Board Office:
Telephone number: +385 (1) 6437-320
fax. +385 (1) 6429-456
Reg. numbers and PIN:
Court Reg. No. of the energy company 080654572
Tax No. 2371090
PIN 74364571096