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Notice to natural gas customers for public gas supply service

Dear customers, 

Gradska plinara Zagreb – Opskrba d.o.o. supplies customers who use the public gas supply system in the distribution area of the following distribution system operators:
Gradske plinare Zagreb d.o.o., OIB: 20985255037, Radnička cesta 1, 10000 Zagreb
Contact: 01/6437-777
(for the city areas of Zagreb, Velika Gorica and Zaprešić, and the Municipalities of Brdovec, Marija Gorica, Dubravica and Pušća) as well as
Elektrometala- distribucije plina d.d., OIB: 72439215688, Ferde Rusana 21, 43 000 Bjelovar
Contact: 043/611-323
(for the area of the City of Bjelovara and the Municipalities of Veliki Grđevac, Velika Pisanica, Nova Rača, Severin, Kapela, Rovišće, Ivanska, Štefanje and Berek)
An overview of the information on your history of gas consumption, and billed costs of delivered gas as well as the manner in which gas consumption is determined can be see using our free web and mobile application MOJ RAČUN which is available on our website and in the stores Google Play and App Store
The application enables you to:
  • View the amounts you owe, and payment made based on the last billing period
  • View your readings, notified or estimated gas meter state
  • Track gas consumption by years and months
  • View or download all your gas bill amounts
  • Select the manner of receiving your invoice by e-mail in pdf format
  • Prepare an informative invoice for gas consumption, and
  • Notify us of the state of your gas meter so as to get more accurate billing of consumption

    You can also obtain the information by filling out the form on the website or in writing to our address.
    All customers who use the public gas supply service have the right to change their gas supplier and the right to return to the public gas supply service as well as the right to compensation in the event of not fulfilling the guaranteed standard of quality in supply by the gas supplier, organiser of the closed distribution system and gas system operator onto which the end customer is connected (General Conditions for Gas Supply OG 50/2018).
    Contracts with end customers who use the public gas supply service is concluded for an indefinite period of time.
    When noticing a faulty gas meter, you are obliged to inform the distribution system operator onto which you are connected.
    Measure for effective and safe gas usage are available on our website
Safety measures if noticing a gas leak
  • Immediately turn off the flame,
  • Immediately open all windows and doors,
  • Immediately disconnect the gas supply on the gas meter valve or house connection,
  • In areas in which gas is noticed, do not enter with an open flame,
  • Do not light matches, lighters or the like, do not smoke,
  • Do not switch on electrical breakers,
  • Do not withdraw plugs from sockets,
  • Do not switch on electrical door bells,
  • Do not rely on only your own sense of smell, call in other persons,
  • Switch on lights only when the smell of gas is not felt anymore