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Free online service MY ACCOUNT

Gradska plinara Zagreb - Opskrba introduced a free online service MY ACCOUNT at the web portal designed for all natural gas customers. By creating a user profile, you can see the following: information on gas consumption, gas meter readings (whether read or estimated), overview of customers’ current debts and payments, and you can choose to receive bills and notifications on prepayment instalments via e-mail.

“With the introduction of the service MY ACCOUNT, natural gas customers have been offered a simple and transparent way of viewing basic information on their gas consumption and choosing to have their bills and notifications on prepayment instalments sent to them via e-mail. This is our first step in introducing “e-business” and an indication of our desire to enable our customers to easily monitor their gas consumption and to receive and pay gas bills more quickly and easily. This service is primarily designed for users of Internet-banking, but also for all the other customers paying their bills in a traditional way.”

Petar Jović, Director of Development Department
of Gradska plinara Zagreb - Opskrba